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Unlock Africa, One adventure at a Time.

Our Mission 🎯

We are building an All-in-One travel booking and Financing platform for the African traveler

Our Goal is to facilitate and Promote traveling across the African continent . We want to make traveling across Africa as easy as possible and as Affordable as possible for everyone.

Benefits Of Iter 💯

  • Unified booking: Book your Flights, Accommodation, local transport and activities seamlessly all in one app.
  • Flexible Trip Financing: Pay for your ideal trip using Installment plans, local payment methods like mobile money, in app wallet functionality for saving towards a trips and spend like a local. 
  • Personalized travel: AI-powered group trip planning features to facilitate group trips, bill splitting and tracking expenditure. Custom recommendations based on your travel history 
  • Localized for Africa: Authentic travel experiences and high quality information & insights about exclusive African locations 

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If you are interested in knowing more about us, what we want to build, our mission and be part of the Fastest Growing African traveling community.

By joining us, you will receive ✅ 

  1. Early access to the platform Pre-launch,
  2. Exclusive updates on our progress as we build this platform,
  3. keep you up to date with the latest trends and news in the African travel space,
  4. Exclusive deals on the best and latest destination all across the African continent from our listings 
  5. Be part of creative Journey by providing feedback to enable us build the perfect platform for the African Traveler 

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